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anxiety disorder behaviorAnxiety is a mental disorder that grows as a result of vicious cycle of negative thinking and corresponding behaviors derived from them. As we keep on giving unhelpful responses to anxiety triggering events, we keep accumulating more stress and anxiety into our mind and body. Following are some common negative behaviors that aggravate already existing anxiety disorder.

  1. People become highly indecisive about life issues so they start making impulsive decisions that later on prove suicidal such as resigning from work without planning financial responsibilities.
  2. They spend huge amount on shopping and other useless luxuries, in an attempt to distract mind from emotional issues.
  3. Engross oneself into television and internet for entire days and nights.
  4. Taking too much stress about work by over-preparing and being over-conscious of any possible mistakes.
  5. Running away from life’s challenges and letting others take decision on your behalf.
  6. Being vulnerable about your feeling in front of strangers and let others reject you.
  7. Get busy with too many things so that one has no time to look into emotional and other attention-seeking issues.
  8. Taking alcohol and other drugs to forget about hurting emotions and relationships.
  9. Take pleasure in gambling for high amounts and put everything at risk, such as entire life’s earning, properties, jewelries etc.
  10. Taking close relationships for granted and behaves with loved ones rudely and abusively.
  11. Escaping from fulfilling family obligations. Take silent revenge from your spouse by avoiding physical and intimate relation.
  12. Avoid public places, social interactions, and family gatherings by lying and giving excuses. In long run, such activities turn anxiety disorder into Agoraphobia.
  13. Look at everyone even family and friends with suspicion as if they want to harm you.

All such behaviors are part of our defense mechanism gone wrong. We need to take help of natural cures for anxiety and depression to get rid of stress and worry. Self-help techniques such as meditation and visualization are among the best natural anxiety relief solutions that helps you attain peaceful state of mind within short period of practice. Many people prefer these type of natural methods to eradicate social anxiety because they can be effective without relying on manufactured and potentially harmful pharmaceuticals.

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