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essiac teaAfter the whole rage about green tea and its healing properties, another tea is starting to gain grounds and becoming more popular every day – essiac tea. If you start doing your research about this healing tea (first blended by a Canadian nurse) you will find that many people believe that the tea has strong carcinogenic properties and is thought to be able to fight of cancer. You will see stories of people who feel their cancer was cured because of drinking this tea or have family members that are now free of cancer because of essiac tea.

The truth is, though, that these claims are not scientifically tested and the cancer curing claims have not been tested nor approved by the FDA. This means that you should not stop your treatment and rely on essiac tea as a cure for your ailments. But if you are really convinced that using this tea will help your health situation improve, you should talk with your physician about the possibilities of using it as a complimentary therapy, while continuing with your conventional treatment.

It is said that the tea will work perfectly in combination with conventional treatments and will even reduce the side effects people experience from radiation and chemotherapy treatments that are used to fight cancer.

When you want to start drinking essiac tea, make sure you buy the full eight herb blend as to get all the working properties. Some companies will sell a similar blend that only consists of four herbs and it is considered to be a weaker blend. It is also recommended to try and to verify the source of the herbs. Be aware as well that there may be a difference in taste so many users spend some time comparing one company to the next. Essiac tea is supposed to be very bitter, as it should be sold in its purest form and this means without taste enhancers or artificial sweeteners. The fresher the herbs are than the more bitter the tea will be, so it does take a little getting used to but the same is often said about green tea, too.

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