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cheek swab drug test kitToday there are many reasons why an individual may need a drug test. Screening for employment is commonplace, but increasingly these tests for illicit substances are becoming necessary in other areas of society as well. Home testing used to be impossible, but now simple cheek swab testing has become an convenient way for anyone to investigate their own readings and be alerted to potential drug issues that may interfere with a background check or screening.

What Is It?

The cheek swab drug test is a procedure that can detect drugs through a sample of a person’s saliva. The procedure is painless and easily performed.¬† A drug test swab is used to gather a sample, which is taken from either the cheek (hence the name), but may also come from underneath the tongue depending on the specifics of the product. These tests are also generally known as saliva tests no matter if the sample is from the tongue or cheek area of the mouth.

Popular Uses

Swab drug testing is very popular in two areas:

  • at home use (i.e. parents performing the test on their children)
  • at work (i.e. employment drug testing)

Compared to other tests, it is popular for a couple of reasons. First of all, the test can be done quickly with a simple swabbing of the mouth. From there it is immediately secure – the sample does not have a point in which it goes from A to B that it can be contaminated or fixed by the person being tested. This is because the drug test swab and the kit are all one unit. For both parents and employers this is obviously beneficial. For employers it means there’s less a chance of a false reading and thus dealing with lawsuits or just the headache of inaccurate results. For parents it means not messing with urine – a job no Mom or Dad wants to deal with once their kids are out of diapers!


Swab drug tests are not cheap. In fact, they are on the more expensive side of all the different methods of drug testing kits and equipment that can be purchased over the counter. A single kit costs anywhere from $25 to $50. You can enjoy significant savings by buying in bulk. For employees it would only make sense to buy them in bulk but for parents this option usually isn’t very affordable or practical unless they can band together with other parents in a joint venture.

Finding Out more

Swab drug tests are a quick and easy way to detect drugs in someone’s system. The detection rates vary by substance, but you can discover if a person used drugs¬† in the last couple of days prior to taking the test. For best results, you would want to randomize your testing so no one can try to manipulate their saliva through detox products and other similar tricks.

If you are a parent, you might consider talking to your doctor about swab drug testing to see if they have any advice. Or you can simply buy one and follow the instructions, as they are rather simple to use and are 99.9% accurate when the test is properly performed. By Bob Parker

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