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tumescent liposuctionLiposuction surgery (including the newest techniques like tumescent liposculpture) is known to be an invasive surgical procedure for removing fat from the body. Since dieting and exercise can be ineffective in eliminating the fat deposits from certain areas of the body, the only option is to have liposuction surgery. There are several types of liposuction methods available today. New methods used today are safer thanks to the advancement in medical technology. But still, the cost of the procedure can be very expensive and the factors that affect liposuction pricing should be weighed carefully. Before considering liposuction, always consult with a qualified surgeon regarding your problems.

One of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures is tumescent liposculpture. It is one of the new techniques used to permanently remove excess fat deposits in certain areas of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. The procedure is similar to tumescent liposuction which uses injections containing a chemical solution that can anesthetize the affected areas. The solution can significantly reduce pain and break down the fat deposits for easier suction and it can even shrink the blood vessels to reduce blood loss.

The chemical solution completely numbs the area due to the effect of local anesthetic. Therefore, general anesthesia or heavy intravenous sedation is not required during the operation. Fatty deposits are then removed by using small straw-like tubes called a cannula that is connected to a syringe or a suction apparatus. The procedure itself is basically painless, but the patient may experience minimal discomfort during the administration of the anesthetic.

The ideal candidate for tumescent liposculpture is a person who is in good health, exercises regularly and maintains a healthy lifestyle. Tumescent liposculpture is the most effective method for removing localized fat deposits in certain areas of the body which cannot improve with dieting and exercise routines. Patients who undergo tumescent liposculpture can return to their normal daily activities a week after the operation.

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