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green tea for weight lossThere have been so many claims about green tea weight loss and just how effective it is. But, is there any truth to these or are they just baseless claims? Because of the popularity of green tea as a weight loss helper, a lot of manufacturers are coming out with green tea products. However, not all of them are effective and not all of them are pure green tea. Before you become ripped off by all the hoopla surrounding green tea and its weight loss abilities – read this article first.

Green tea has been proven to help people lose weight. In ancient China, there is a saying: Drinking tea for a long time makes one thin. After more than a thousand years the saying remains true. According to more than 70 studies, weight loss because of green tea consumption has been proven and demonstrated in laboratory studies.

Although there are thousands of people worldwide who drink green tea and take green tea supplements to lose weight – not all of them are successfully. Why is this? This is because people do not diet correctly. They diet the wrong way. Most people who want to lose weight think that eating next to nothing will make them lose weight faster. This is not true. When you starve yourself, your body will go into an energy saving mode which reduces your metabolism and will cause you to lose fewer calories.

Green tea weight loss works because you will not eat as much when you drink it. Green tea extract contains EGCG which gives it a slimming effect. Green tea increases metabolism, blocks the conversion of energy into fat, burns fat, regulates your blood sugar levels in the body and helps your body absorb less fat.

Although green tea can help you lose weight through the methods mentioned above, it will not suppress your diet at all. There are some green tea products which say they can do this but that is a highly misleading claim. A study by the University of Chicago found that rats which were injected with green tea consumed less food but not rats which drank green tea. Since most people drink tea and do not inject it the suppressant effect will not apply.

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