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cortizone eczema home remediesWhen someone realizes that they are suffering from eczema, their first reaction is often to go to the doctor, pharmacy or the chemist’s to get anti-dermatitis creams in an attempt to suppress eczema and get rid of the condition altogether fast. What they fail to realize is that eczema is not a disease and it has no one-time treatment that a patient can use and get healed just immediately.

Eczema is a skin condition that is triggered by the skin coming in contact with elements it is allergic to causing the reaction on the skin that can be very debilitating, painful and embarrassing. Anyone can suffer from eczema although it is more prevalent among infants and children aged below the age of seven because their body’s immune systems are still weak.

Some of the symptoms of eczema include irritation, skin inflammation, itchiness, bleeding when the skin breaks, tiny red pimples, skin rashes, blisters and oozing or weeping of the affected area. One of the most important measures one can take to minimize the condition is to avoid scratching no matter how itchy it gets. Scratching only makes the condition worse because it causes the breaking of the skin and that will be a potential avenue to new infections. Most mild cases of eczema can be dealt with just by protecting the skin from further irritations and using a number of home remedies to alleviate the common symptoms such as bleeding and itching.

Since eczema is a condition that is triggered by the body’s contact with allergens in the environment, the food we eat, the products we use and other chemicals that we come in contact with, one of the most effective ways to address the condition is to avoid the irritation altogether. This will take some time but it is the most effective way to avoid the allergens by identifying them and preventing them from coming in contact with the skin. Sufferers experience eczema due to different irritants but the most common include soaps and detergents, weather conditions, extreme temperatures, water, dust and other particles, some types of food, perfumes, animal fur, clothing materials especially cotton, nylon and polyester and metals among others.

To lead an eczema free existence a patient has to avoid triggers. However, in case it happens, they should use home remedies to deal with the symptoms and help the skin fight the effects of the allergens. One of the top ways to do this is to use home based remedies such as coconut oil, aloe vera and jojoba to lessen the severity of the symptoms and help the skin recover faster.

In the event of extreme itchiness, eczema and sleep will not go so well together. However, regular cleaning of the skin and applying moisturizer on the skin even before going to bed is one of the most effective strategies to make the condition more bearable, reduce the intensity and avoid all the embarrassments and the debilitating symptoms that accompany eczema on the skin.

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