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impacted wisdom teethThe key to understanding impacted wisdom teeth starts by understanding the nature of them. A wisdom tooth is your third molar and the last of the permanent adult teeth to emerge. They usually appear between the ages of 18 and 25 and are located behind your second molar. The majority of people can have up to four wisdom teeth, which can be found in the upper left and right, and lower left and right of the mouth. Wisdom teeth just like other molars are for chewing and can be very functional if kept healthy.

Since they are the last teeth to appear, there are cases when there is not enough room available to accommodate the wisdom teeth. In these scenarios, wisdom teeth only grow half way or possibly do not grow at all. Such problems are called “impacted wisdom teeth.” Impacted wisdom teeth can also occur when there are other teeth blocking their growth or when the angle of the wisdom teeth is not aligned properly with the other teeth in the jaw.

Impacted wisdom teeth symptoms are usually pain, restricted mouth movement, swelling and tenderness, and foul breath or bad taste in the mouth. Occasionally, this pain is associated with a TMJ disorder and not treated quickly. When left untreated, though, it can be hard to clean these teeth and  they will eventually submit to decay. It can be a potential  infection risk and damage other teeth. When playing physical sports, risks of jaw fracture are high when you have impacted wisdom teeth. Tooth crowding can be caused by impacted wisdom teeth and can make anyone’s smile unattractive.

Luckily, impacted wisdom teeth removal can be comfortable and pain free with the right amount of sedatives and anesthesia. It is recommended that you remove your impacted wisdom teeth as early as possible, whether it is causing problems at the moment or not. Problems with impacted wisdom teeth can occur at any time and can be very inconvenient. You may visit your local dentist for the appropriate procedure to be done.

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