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stevia natural sweetener packetsStevia is one marvelous leaf. This plant is highly concentrated and is hundreds of times more sweet than its common alternative – table sugar. This plant is being used by locals from Brazil to Paraguay in South America and it has been so for the last thousand of years. But even though no Stevia side effects have been reported many people still live in the unknown zone, intimidated of what Stevia might or might not cause.

The sugar and artificial sweeteners industry have made it their goal to make Stevia as brutally criticized as they can, so that their income is not impaired by the knowledge of the public in relation to the effectiveness of this amazing plant. This is why they have funded researches, all pointing to the fact that Stevia is highly dangerous, but what they forgot to mention is that even though they found Stevia to be toxic that only happened in amounts that would even make water toxic! One would literally have to consume dozens of kilo grams of Stevia each day to reach its toxicity level. This is why their “research” is not worth too much, statistically speaking.

Always pay attention and read the fine print as the health industry is well known for the competitiveness of its participating companies and finance always come first for them. A similar thing happens in the weight loss industry where many people have been led to believe that B12 shots might help them to lose weight. People believe it so much that they even request upping the vitamin B12 injections dosage that is being given to them as they believe the more the better. This is utterly wrong as the only thing B12 might do is boost up your metabolism and make you more likely to get active and lose some calories. Nothing else. You can achieve these benefits from any other source of vitamin B12, such as under the tongue tablets or intra nasal gel, and of course, natural B12 rich foods as well.

Take the time to research well any weight loss plan. Read what others are saying about Stevia, Stevia side effects, and vitamin B12. There are always new studies being conducted by legitimate researches so make sure you understand who is doing the research, how the study is being conducted, and whether or not the findings are based on real-world levels that mimic natural usage of a product.

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